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Bezanson Makes it a Simple 3 in a Row

Courtesy Red Bull Content Pool

The 2012 Simple Session closed out over the weekend in Tallinn, Estonia, leaving Red Bull’s Drew Bezanson at the top of the podium for the third year in a row.

Bezanson is on the comeback tour after suffering a brain injury that sidelined him in the 2011 season. Bezanson is undefeated in 2012 after also taking first place in March at the Toronto BMX Jam.

“Winning Simple Session 3 years in a row is a honor and a huge personal accomplishment for me,” Drew said talking with Tyler Tate. “But at the end of the day, what means the most is I rode my bike the way I wanted too and did the stuff I wanted to do so thats what means the most, doing well is just an added bonus.”

Bezanson was the last rider of the night to go, using a scissor lift to get into the air to do a ninja drop into the quarter pipe. The drop fueled Bezansons’ run that propelled him through the course with speed using big transfer tricks including a backflip x-up to turndown. Bezanson brings his own style to all of the courses he rides, mixing big air with difficult technical tricks.

Simple Session 12 featured Chad Kerley taking home top honors in the Bunny Hop contest. Kerley topped the podium with a hop that measured in at 45.5 inches. I can’t even jump 45 inches let alone hop a BMX bike that high so big congratulations go out to Chad.

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