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Cranmer the “Three-Peat Killer”

Los Angeles, CA – June 28, 2012 – LA Live Event Deck: Scotty Cranmer in action during practice for BMX Freestyle Park at X Games Los Angeles 2012. (Photo by Pete Demos ESPN Images)


In 2009, Scotty Cranmer ended a chance for Daniel Dhers to 3-Peat in BMX Park, today in 2012 Cranmer once again stopped the 3-peat Dhers train.

Cranmer dominated his heat to advance into the final where his high score run included a Double Backflip Tailwhip along with highly technical tricks that easily distanced himself from the field of riders.

“I’ve worked so many years for this and its my reality again,” Cranmer said. “This is a sport that wears on you mentally, it takes so many small little things to bounce in your favor, and its up to you to not be our own destroyer. Only you yourself can be the one to prevent you from winning and I adjusted to that and that adaption made a huge difference for me.”

Daniel Dhers suffered a huge crash within the finals which opened the doors for other riders to take the top of the podium.

BMX Park Veteran Ryan Nyquist showed he still was a force to be reckoned with after his extremely unique run featuring lines not taken on the course and tricks including a 360 Flatspin into the tunnel. Nyquist rode away with the silver.

“This course really comes down to the line you pick,” Nyquist said. “The better line you pick, the more options you have to create big tricks and just throw yourself out there.”


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