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Feature Friday – Elena Hight

1. Boarding 4 Breast Cancer provides a platform to educate. What does it mean to you to be a part of the B4BC team?

This team is awesome. Boarding 4 Breast Cancer stands for everything I do, to get out and enjoy life to the fullest. We both encourage everyone to get active and be healthy.

2. Growing up and surfing and learning to snowboard at a young age, how do you feel this has helped you?

When you learn to ride at such a young age, your body builds up the memory in the muscles and it becomes a habit. It allows me to further my progression in tricks rather than riding fundamentals.

3. You have a new lifestyle clothing line with Volcom, where the clothes designed by you?

Yes. I designed them with a Volcom designer and get to be a part of the process 100%. It was great to be involved in every step along the way. (Elena’s apparel can be found at any Volcom retailer or online at www.volcom.com.

4. The Dew Tour has a new format. How do you feel about it?

I am a little down that there is only one event, but at the same time all the resources are being put into that one event and it will be awesome to compete in. I love Breckenridge and can’t wait to be there for the Dew Tour.

5. The 2014 Olympics are coming up, what are you doing to prepare?

The upcoming winter season starts the world cup qualifying so that is where I will start. Next summer I plan on being on the snow all summer long as well then I will be ready once Olympic qualifiers get here. I cam excited to have a chance to be on the team again and for what it means.

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