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Move Over Track High Jumpers, Men at Work Here

Los Angeles, CA – June 29, 2012 – Staples Center: Ronnie Renner clears forty-seven feet competing in Moto X Step Up Final during X Games Los Angeles 2012. (Photo by Eric Bakke ESPN Images)

In a track and field event jumping over a bar at eight feet is impressive and may bring a round of applause from the audience, to Ronnie Renner and the rest of the Moto Step Up men, eight feet is a warm up.

Friday night at STAPLES Center, Ronnie Renner took his gold back from Matt Buyten in a seven round, head to head battle that will be talked about for years and years to come. When Buyten jumped 37 feet last year it was a world record jump height, Renner not only broke the record for the win he destroyed it by jumping 47 feet.

“With out these opportunities, we won’t have these moments,” Renner said. “If it wasn’t for X games, our sports wouldn’t be where it is at today. I love Step Up because there are no judges just you, the bike and a flat bar.”

Renner had his wrist slip off the handle bars in one of the rounds and he continued to compete in front of a capacity STAPLES, even when everyone in the building knew that his wrist was in pain. Nobody would’ve faulted him to stop, but the cheers were louder the higher the two riders went.

“I was determined to take gold,” Renner said. “The pain was at the back off my mind and I trusted in my bike and my abilities to do what I came to X to do.”

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