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X Games LA 2012 – Your T Squared Action Sports Preview

X Games 2012 LA is set to go off this week June 28-July 1. This year T Squared is offering you a different take on predicting this years winner. While it’s not possible to bet on action sports in Vegas due to its subjective nature, we are producing odds for each event to predict a top 3 and your 2012 X Games LA winner.

Skateboard Big Air

Many unknown names are entered along with some heavy hitters. Big Air is unpredictable, a sport of chance because at any moment it can go sideways. Assuming all goes well, your odds for the top three are:

1. Winner: 1-1: Tom Schaar (@tomschaar) – If Tom can put his 1080 together in competition and not be overwhelmed by the crowd, this pre-teen skate prodigy will unseat his other skateboarding idols and hang a gold around his head.
2. 3-1: Bob Burnquist (@bobburnquist) – Bob has the advantage of having a big air ramp in his backyard. He is a veteran of the competition and he is the defending Big Air Gold Medalist. Bob’s consistency, fluid tricks over the gap and a knack for knowing when and where to put the landing gear down makes Bob an easy safe bet.
3. 7-2:Jake Brown (@LACED_1) – If his extra large tee shirt doesn’t get caught in the wheels, Jake has the big air tricks to get the job down. Jake is no stranger to the top of the podium and he is also no stranger to the flat bottom of the halfpipe. Jake has experience and skill, if he relaxes and lets it fly, he will cruise to the top.

Skateboard Vert

With Shaun White pulling out of the competition citing a lack of preparedness, the back and forth battle with Pierre-Luc Gagnon that brought fans to their feet last year will have to wait.

1. Winner: 2-1: PLG (PLCsk8) – With 15 years of skate experience, and experience on the big stage, PLG is the easiest heavy favorite. PLG is focused and he knows what he needs to do to be on the top of the podium. His bag of tricks is bigger than Santa’s gift bag, and he can change up his routine at any moment to assert his dominance.
2. 7-2: Alex Perelson – heralded as the new face of vert, Alex is ready to put his wheels down where his critics mouths are. Alex is smooth and fluid and has a quick rotation in the air.
3. 9-2: Mitchie Brusco (@Mitchiebrusco84) – Mitchie is only 15 years old, but has a decade of halfpipe riding experience. Mitchie is very progressive in his riding and sometimes it costs him because he can put a full run together. If he can ride a clean run and land a few new tricks, Mitchie will challenge PLG for gold.

BMX Big Air

Injuries headlines this event last year as big crashes knocked out some of the very best. Will this year bring the same?

1. Winner: 5-2: – Chad Kagy (@chadkagy) – Chad is ripe and full of redemption. After crashing hard last year, the comeback tour is on. Each entered rider has the ability to win, but Chad is driven and his mental toughness will carry him to the top.
2. 6-1: Kevin Robinson(@KRobBMX) – Kevin’s return to competition will be a great story but he will fall just short of Chad. Kevin will push Chad however which will bring out the best from the two and will create an epic showdown.
3. 9-2: Anthony Napolitan (@AnthonyNapo) – The dark horse of the event in Napo. Solid riding and his dirt background will aid Napo with the rough landings that big air creates. Expect a big show out of him.

BMX Park

This event is loaded. If odds were placed even money and 2-1 favorites would fill the betting board. Print out a list of the invited riders and throw a dart at the list and you have a 50% chance of hitting a winning name. Last year a tie decided the winner, this year expect nothing different. A winner will come from this pool all with the same odds of winning due to each of their explosive natures. It all comes down to which heat they draw. Each of the following riders have a Park win within the last 2 years and are consistently in the running for gold at any event: Kyle Baldock (@kylebaldock1), Brett Banasiewicz (iMaddog9), Drew Bezanson (@drewbezanson), Scotty Cranmer (@ScottyCranmer), Daniel Dhers (@Danieldhers) and Ryan Nyquist (@RyanNyquist).

Moto X Step Up

Step Up features some of the best FMX has to offer and are huge fan favorites but this event comes down to two names: Buyten (@mattbuyten) and Renner (@rendawgfmx) in this win and take all event.

1. Winner: 2-1: – Ronnie Renner – After letting the gold go to Buyten last year, you can bet Renner is not about to let that happen 2 years in a row. Expect him to go big and push his ultimate limit

Moto X Best Trick

After “Pastranathon” took a Day 1 halt last year, Clinton Moore has taken it upon himself to land the trick Travis could not. He dedicated hundreds of hours; more than some said was required. Moore lands this trick, its over. Odds he lands the trick and wins 6-2.

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