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Is 6peat even a word? Ask Jamie Bestwick

Los Angeles, CA – June 30, 2012 – Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE: Jamie Bestwick competing in BMX Vert Final during X Games Los Angeles 2012. (Photo by Pete Demos ESPN Images)

When LeBron James mentioned winning not 1..not 2..not 3 or more championships, no doubt he was referring to Jamie Bestwick, who joined Andy MacDonald and Tony Hawk as the only 6-peat winners.

Bestwick who is twice as old as some of the riders, put on a clinic, dominating the event with a blowout win.

“I never could have envisioned this”, Bestwick said. “This is a dream come true for me to be a six time repeat winner. It is a tremendous honor to share this accomplishment with Andy and Tony.”

There were some doubts within the BMX community about Bestwick’s ability to continue his dominance with the recent emergence of younger talented riders. With a run that included huge flairs, alley-oop 540s and giant turn downs, Bestwick took the lead with a 43 point run and blew out second place rider Vince Byron by 14 points.

“This was my first contest of the year and my nerves were getting to me”, Bestwick said. “These other riders are pushing the level of BMX Vert riding to new heights. The minute you become complacent in your abilities is when you are done.”

Vince Byron edged out Simon Tabron for second place with a 72.00.

“I try to bring new stuff to the vert ramp”, Byron said. “I used to ride in the park discipline, so I try and bring that influence to my vert riding. The level we get to ride on competitively is so enjoyable.”

Speaking about Bryon, Bestwick said, “Vince is such a great rider. As I am getting older, I know the future of vert riding is in good hands.”

As Bestwick gets older, questions loom about a possible retirement.

“Riding in the X Games fuels my passion for competition” Bestwick said. “A few years back I had an issue with the way I was riding and I considered retirement then. I change my approach and rediscovered the fun in riding and at that time the X Games was changing the vert contest format and it fit me more. It all began to be incredibly fun and still is today.”

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