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Kahuna Creations: Surfing Wherever You are



Utah based Kahuna Creations has brought surfing to you wherever you are. Through innovative adjustable land paddles to a shorter transportable board that glides and flexes like a surf board, your world is now one constant wave.

Pohaku Surf Rider 48″ –

If you are just getting started with land paddling, the Pohaku is the best all around board for you. The board is incredibly stable, but designed with deep flexibility to allow you to carve and turn on a dime. The upward curvature of the board forces your body into a stable riding position for those that are nervous about falling off. The curvature of the board also acts like struts on a car, absorbing the bumps along the ride.

The Pohaku is designed to handle any environment you place the board in. Quality woods are used to provide you a safe board that wont fall apart under your feet while you ride. The wheels and bearings are top of the line to handle the sand on the beach boardwalks to the rocks and other street trash you may encounter.

You will find that you glide when you ride. Yes, you will be getting a great upper body work out, but you cover a lot of land with ease. The board does the work for your lower half of your body while your upper body gets fooled into a great work out when you paddle.

The board creates a very surf like feel no matter where you are. The boards are very unique and you can cruise as slow or as fast as you want. Kahuna Creations open up new options for those that enjoy stand up paddle boarding and even the traditional skateboarder.

Anela 38″ – 

The Anela is not for beginners. Being a short board (38″ long), this board responds to any slight movements. The Anela does not flex like the longer boards, creating a rougher ride if you hit any large bumps or other road obstacles.

The upside to the Anela is its’ quickness. If you like the feeling of a short surf board, this board is for you. The Anela cuts and carves easily allowing you to ride tight flatland areas and steeper hills with little effort.

Another pro to the Anela is its’ size allows for transportability. The board fits on most backpacks designed with the outer straps built to carry a board. The Anela also fits into any overhead airplane bin, so take your board with you!


Adjustable Big Stick –

Short or tall you can paddle successfully with the Kahuna Adjustable Big Stick. From the rubber bottom to a comfortable grip at the top, the Adjustable Big Stick fits everyone. The road blade bottom mimics a tough truck tire, a durable piece of rubber that grips the road. The curvature of the road blade allows you to fully extend the paddle and grip the road to maximize your pull.

The main body of the paddle is a lightweight carbon-fiber shaft that has very little flexibility giving you the resistance you need to create a strong pull and maintain the work out you are receiving while having fun.

The Adjustable Big Stick height varies from 44-72 inches allowing the youth to adults to surf their world.

The best part of action sports is they are unbiased. You don’t need to be a superior athlete to find success in the action sports community. Kahuna Creations embodies this philosophy to include everyone through the designs and products they offer.




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