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Feature Friday: B4BC Team Rider Hana Beaman


Utah resident Hana Beaman has a long resume of competition including 9 Winter X Games appearances. With a big bag of tricks Hana knows that pushing ones self to progress leads to success in life.

1. Often times it is missed by the casual fan how much time and dedication it takes to become an elite snowboarder. How does living in Utah benefit you to live your dream?

Living in Salt lake has been really helpful. There are so many other riders and just industry people there that it makes for an amazing network of people to connect with. It’s also got amazing riding, snow conditions, and is centrally located so it’s pretty easy to drive anywhere we need to go.  The airport is an awesome hub too! There is A LOT of travel in what I do and being there has definitely made things easier. Now if the weather would just cooperate! haha.

2. October brings a focus back onto Breast Cancer Prevention with a strong encouragement for people to become educated and stand up to cancer. What does it mean to you to be a part of B4BC?

Well, for starters I have boobs, and I’d like to keep it that way. I’m sure anybody that has breasts or likes them wants to keep them and the people they are attached to around, and that’s what it’s about. Prevention. You just never know who might be affected by breast cancer, so edjucating prevention is super important in order for women to know what they are keeping an eye out for. I feel honored to be a part of that. I still have a grandmother and an aunt around because of preventative screening.

3. Through events, B4BC is able to further its mission of promoting early detection + a healthy, active lifestyle to the action sports community, what is a personal favorite event of yours to participate in?

Of coarse I love snowboarding, but when I have the chance to go skate or Surf I love to get that in. As well as hiking and biking, soccer, tennis, and jogging.

4. How has being a part of the B4BC team allowed you have the experience of helping others in their life?

I think being apart of B4BC has allowed me to encourage and inspire women who I wouldn’t normally have reached as just a snowboarder. They have put women on a platform to be heard and give us the chance to have a larger effect on others.

5. Backcountry skiing is a passion of yours. How does living in Utah allow you to accomplish the goals you have set in life in snowboarding? Do you feel like you have inspired others through your films?

Being in Utah has helped in a lot of ways. For me the backcountry was so accessible and it is all relatively close to the city. If you have a snowmobile, split-board, ride the reasorts, or even just go hiking there is so much terrain to access.  It has some of the best snow around and tons of people who want to shred it. I’ve been able to ride there and practice in the backcountry but at the same time it has some incredible street and park riding so it’s such a well rounded place to be. I think it is just a great place to ride in general. It has allowed me to chase after filming while being able to ride a great park, and travel to places I need to be relatively easy. I hope that if nothing else, I inspire more women focus on snowboarding as a whole and not so much just the rails, or just the pow. I like to see well rounded riders and I tried to be one myself. I hope that is what I can inspire in the future of womens riders.

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