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Friday Feature: B4BC Team Rider Liz Clark

 Liz Clark and The Voyage of Swell

Liz Clark is a daily example of someone we can all be jealous of. Liz follows her dream and a surfer to pursue her passion of riding waves and to spread love to the world. Liz shows us that a simple life filled with positive thinking can lead to amazing experiences.

1. Education is a core value of the B4BC platform. As a college graduate, what makes education so important to you and how has B4BC allowed you to continually educate the action sports community?

Education expands the mind!! It brings new perspectives and adds new dimensions to the way one experiences life. I love learning! I am constantly reading, asking, and actively pursuing knowledge, personal growth, and new awareness. B4BC and I share an important vision and message for young women. ‹We can prevent health problems by taking an active role in learning about our bodies, making exercise a lifestyle, eating whole, nutritious foods, and understanding that the health of our environment and our personal health are inextricably connected.

2. Through events, B4BC is able to further its mission of promoting early detection + a healthy, active lifestyle to the action sports community, what is a personal favorite event of yours to participate in?

Unfortunately, I don’t get to make it to all the events, as I’m generally out sailing in the Pacific on my sailboat! But I got to go down to the booth at the US Open in Huntington this year and sign autographs. It was fantastic to talk with all the girls that stopped by that day.

3. October brings a focus back onto Breast Cancer Prevention with a strong encouragement for people to become educated and stand up to cancer. What does it mean to you to be a part of B4BC?

It means that thanks to the hard work B4BC does to spread our message, my voice will be heard that much louder!

4. You get to experience different cultures from around the world as you’re captain your boat named Swell around the globe. As you have learned from the world’s cultures, what is one thing that you always feel impressed to share with the action sports community as they look to you as a role model?

In regards to the cultures I’ve experiencedŠ, we tend to always want to find the differences between peoples, when really there are far more similarities than differences. Humans everywhere are essentially the same. We all want to be loved, respected, and happy. Developing compassion, understanding, and love for each other and ourselves is the easiest thing we do to make the world a better place.

5. You have been an inspiration to many, how has B4BC inspired you in life?

Activism!! B4BC continues to show me that beyond Œbeing the change, there is great value in uniting with people who care!!

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