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Sanuk 2012 Fall Preview

We all know the phrase “the secret is out”. Well the Sanuk secret is out. If you have any sense of fashion and style, you are familiar with Sanuk as an action sport community standard and a must have.

You most likely have read other articles and reviews’ gloating about how stylish and comfortable Sanuk footwear is, I myself have even shared a gloat or two.

But, its time for you to realize that aside from style and comfort, Sanuk footwear is far more than a basic lifestyle comfort brand. Whether you skate, bike, strut your stuff or you need a warm home for your feet, Sanuk has you covered.

How well do they hold up?

To many that see the sandals they scoff at their ability to perform as a skate or bike shoe.






I put the Sanuk Standard to the test riding 18 miles from the Santa Monica Pier to Redondo Beach on a land paddleboard. I intentionally ran my shoes into the ground, caught them in the wheels and shoved the board around with my feet to see how the would perform against my typical skate shoe.

Not only did they survive; but after a good cleaning in the washing machine, they looked barely worn.

The Sanuk Standard held their shape, the fabric did not tear and the sole did not wear down and after 18 miles and 7 hours on straight riding I had no blisters because of the Canvas Sock Liner construction.






The Standard comes in a wide variety of shoe options for you to fit your style. New to the Fall 2012 line is the Standard Carlton. With flannel patterns making their fashion comeback, pair that flannel top with a flannel print shoe. It’s a Sanuk Standard, if they can perform 18 miles down the California coastline then they are going to perform for you. Built with the Sanuk “Vulc-Lite” construction and Premium Herringbone Rubber soles, the Standard Carlton or any of the other Standards will become your new standard footwear.






If you want to step out and show off a bit, get your feet into the Standard Streaker. Built with a little extra padding around the heel and a padded top of the shoe, your bright colors will reflect your style when you are out riding or reliving the 70s wearing nothing but a smile and your Sanuk Standard Streakers.

We put the Standard Streaker to work with a wake skate. After a day on the lake with the sandal being constantly wet and covered in sand, the glue around the sole was solid and the fabric did not even look faded or worn down.

Post lake, the Standard Streakers made their way to the BMX dirt course where they were drug through the dirt and run over by the wheels. Because the sandals are made to be flexible and comfortable on your feet, the sandals absorb the impact of being run over and they easily return to the normal shape.






With winter on our doorstep here in Utah and for many other places around the world, get your feet into any of the Chill series by Sanuk. From the Donny Chill, Vagabond Chill and the Timber Chill, you can bring your white sandy beach lifestyle to the Powder Ocean.

A recent 2-day snowstorm in Utah brought 50 inches to the resorts and 28 inches to the valley in some places, where we took the Vagabond Chill to romp in the snow. If the snow is a beautiful powder your skis or boards will be happy, but powder finds its way into your shoes but if the snow is more packable you can wear them in the snow and keep those feet warm and dry.

Any of the sandals you choose as an option, not only make for an everyday sandal, but you can wear them for any activity you choose.

While only men’s sandals are reviewed here, a full women’s line are available and made from the same durable construction that will perform the same way as the men’s line.

Find all styles available online at www.sanuk.com

With the season of giving here, please think about supporting this cause as your order your holiday gifts.

Operation Smile provides free reconstructive surgery for children around the world who are suffering from facial deformities such as cleft lip and cleft palate – healing their smiles and transforming their lives forever. Sanuk has partnered with Operation Smile for nearly 2 years providing donations that have helped heal over 500 children worldwide.

Sanuk supports this amazing cause by offering bracelets that can be added to your order for only $4. Sanuk is donating 100% of its net profits from the sale of these bracelets to Operation Smile.

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