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Switch Eyewear: Functionality Through Magnets

Often times, functionality is overlooked as a component of fashion, that is why you need to take a look through the lenses of Switch Eyewear.

What is it that sets Switch Eyewear apart from the other shades? Magnets.

With strategically placed magnets, the lenses literally jump into their place when they are brought close to the frame and stay locked firmly into position. We tested the strength and durability of the magnets when the frames are dropped from a height or from repeated jarring such as when you are out skiing, snowboarding or any other riding you do. Result: Lenses and frames hold up to a drop from 7 feet up and maintain their position when repeatedly jarred around.

The lenses are made with a shatterproof polycarbonate allowing them to withstand being dropped on any surface with water the beads up and runs off. The lense does not scratch easily, we specifically dropped them onto dirt, concrete and ashphalt at decent rates of speed while riding. The only time we were able to scratch the lense was when we threw the glasses into the ground to simulate a wipeout from skating.

Below you will find a few selections from the collection. To see the rest and to get your own pair visit Switch Eyewear






The Tenaya will be the pair for you to snowshoe, spring ski and downhill mountain bike in, or if you are feeling athletic, go for a   run with. The frames and lenses have ergonomically designed curves to give you maximum coverage where you need it, and the strength to stay on your head in the peak of you activity. The nose bridge is short to provide you with airflow around the lenses and keeping the air moving across your face. The lense provide excellent coverage for action sports but is also narrow enough to be an everyday frame.






The Bespoke will be the frame for you to use while casually riding or switch lense out to a clean lense for style and fashion. Made with the same polycarbonate lense, this is the pair that we simulated a wipeout with. While the lenses stayed in their frames, this was the only time that we scratched the lenses. The easy switch capability of the lense is so fast and easy we were able to do it while riding and maintaining our speed.

This is also a leisure frame so where it anywhere you are with the clear lense and look stylish and smart.






If you have a rounder face, the Zealot frame is for you. The Zealot is a wider frame version of the Bespoke built with all of the same features. Find which style fits you and wear it.

Each Switch Eyewear package comes with the frame plus 1 pair of primary lenses and 1 pair of low light amber lenses.

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