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Ruffwear: A fresh perspective

In the past year, many of us have experienced a significant weather event. This has caused my mind to ponder my readiness if I was ever fully displaced from my home. From Winter Storm Gandalf here in Utah that brought 30+ inches, to Super Storm Sandy and Winter Storm Nemo that brought down the east coast, to tornados and hurricanes in the Midwest and South, how ready do you feel? How ready is your pet?

Undoubtedly you have read a gear review or two in your lifetime about a product stating how great and wonderful they perform. Previously, I have even reviewed these products below, but with prevention now on mind, I would like to bring your attention to why a product like the Ruffwear K9 Overcoat and Knot-A-Leash are necessary for any event that may displace you from home.

Ruff Wear FW11

The K9 Overcoat has gone though a redesign making the coat seamless. A benefit of the new design is that the coat does not catch or snag on things.

All straps and buckles on the K9 Overcoat are tucked away leading to a safer and more comfortable coat for your dog.

I tested this coat with my lab Nixon in a grove a low-lying trees. He was able to run through the branches without any branch snagging the coat impeding him.

The smooth features of the coat will be useful to you in a natural disaster after trees are uprooted and debris is all around.

Without the luxury of warming up in a home, your dog will stay warm with proper venting while still being able to walk with you and not become entangled in any downed trees or object that can harm your dog.


To some, a dog leash is just a dog leash and they use whatever works for them. Time to change that and get the user friendly Knot-A-Leash that will be your all around leash.

The Knot-A-Leash has a Ruffwear-designed carabiner on the end of the leash allowing you to hook up or release your dog easily. It also can lock, making sure your connection with the dog and leash is secure.

With the Knot-A-Leash and the cold temperatures I live in Utah, I can leash my dog with more ease while wearing gloves. Other leashes with a small clip are difficult to use with gloves on.

At the other end of the leash is a big reinforced durable loop. While my lab Nixon uses the loop as a tug of war toy, you’ll find that it’s wide opening allows you to hold onto the dog securely while wearing gloves or if you need to wrap the leash around your waist to tether the dog.

The leash is also woven with reflective material so you can feel safer at night or in low light.

These simple innovative features listed above benefit you during times of disaster and that the durability, accessibility and options for use will allow you to keep your dog safe and close to you.

Find out what works for you dog and become better prepared. www.ruffwear.com

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