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X Games Day 3 & 4: A T Squared Recap

Day 3

Mark McMorris went back to back gold in Aspen in Snowboard Slopestyle. McMorris, fresh off a silver medal from the previous night’s Big Air event, McMorris admitted he was a bit tired from last night’s triple cork progression session. However, his performance showed no signs of it. McMorris’ winning run included a cab 1260 double cork to a front 1080 double cork to a double wildcat backside and ended with the progressive triple cork 1440. The run earned him the highest score in snowboarding slopestyle to date, a 98.00

“I came here to do the run I wanted to and was able to pull it off, so I’m really stoked, “ McMoriss said in a press release.

In what was pushed and hyped as a “Slopestyle Showdown” between McMorris and fan favorite Shaun White turned out to be a dud as White was unable to land his stock tricks, saying that he was having difficulty spotting his landings.

After meditating and hugging a tree, Jamie Anderson held on to her title in Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle with big, clean tricks, including a backside 180 to a cab 720 to a cab 1080. While her reign at the top was never in doubt, this win marks her fourth gold and seventh X Games Aspen medal.

“It feels so good,” Anderson said in a press release. “I’m so happy to be here with a healthy body and a healthy mind.”

Aspen was treated Levi LaValle right as he won his second gold medal of the game, taking his total Winter X count to six gold medals and nine total. There was never any doubt that Levi was not going to win the event as he raced out to ginormous leads and produced bigger tricks.

“To win two gold medals is far, far beyond what I thought I could do,” said LaVallee in a press release.

Controversy rained down on the Women’s Superpipe Saturday night in what was a close battle for gold. Kelly Clark managed to gain a slight lead over silver medalist Elena Hight in her third and final run. Hight was leading for the majority of the competition after she landed the first-ever – by any male or female – backside ally-oop double rodeo 900.

“I was pretty blown away that I landed that,” said Hight in a press release.

“All the women rode great tonight, I’m so proud of Elena, it was a great night for women’s snowboarding,” said Clark in a press release. “This was the most difficult run I’ve ever done in terms of amplitude and technical tricks, in that perspective I’m extremely proud to be on top of this sport that’s progressing at a rapid pace.”

Under the falling snow, the skiers in Big Air brought Skiing to a new level with progressive tricks, among them several unprecedented triple corks. But it was the style of Henrik Harlaut that stole the show.

Harlaut landed the first-ever nose butter triple cork 1620. Harlaut had never tried the trick before, but said he had envisioned it over the past month.

“I was only going to pull it out if I really needed to,” said Harlaut in a press release. “But Tanner Hall, Taylor Seaton and Vincent Gagnier were pushing me and it gave me a confidence boost.”

Day 4

Nick Goepper finally broke through and secured his first ever Winter X Games Aspen Gold medal in Men’s Ski Slopestyle.

“It was nerve racking,” Goepper said in his live ESPN interview. “I was wiping the sweat off my brow every time. I think I almost peed my pants, I was so nervous. I’ve been dreaming of this moment for years and I’m just so excited.”

X Games Aspen newcomer Tiril Sjastad Christensen used clean rail work into a cab 520 to a left 520 to a switch right 520, followed by a 900 tail on the last jump to bring her the Gold.

“It’s unbelievable,” Christensen said in a press release. “I didn’t think I was getting invited here in the beginning, but now to get a gold is just unbelievable.”

Heavy favorite struggled her first two runs but Kaya was able to hold on to a podium spot with her third run.

“I am so excited, so relieved, I had a really rough time,” said Turski in a press release. “I feel like it’s always that way, the stressful ones are the ones you get perfect.”

Tucker Hibbert is undoubtedly the best SnoCross racer in history as he won his sixth consecutive gold medal in X Games SnoCross. Hibbert was seeded first going into the final round and quickly sped ahead of the other 14 competitors, gaining several seconds per lap over the others. Hibbert finished 11 seconds ahead of silver medalist Ross Martin and 26 seconds ahead of bronze medalist Tim Tremblay.

“I haven’t felt this good in a long time,” Hibbert said in a press release. “I feel like I keep getting better as I get older.”

Hibbert still holds the record as the youngest X Games winter athlete to win gold – at age 15 – and has participated in X Games Aspen since 2000, accumulating 11 medals to date. This contest marks another first for Hibbert, as the first X Games winter athlete to six-peat.

As if one athlete winning six straight gold medals wasn’t enough, Shaun White, wanted to party with six as well. Not only winning his sixth consecutive SuperPipe gold, White brought his total winter medal count to a record breaking 18.

“Six years, that¹s a long run in Aspen,” White said in a press release. “It¹s very familiar to come and here and compete.  I go to my favorite restaurants, say hi to the same parking attendants, it feels like home.”



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