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Rest and Relax in Comfort with Eno Hammocks


If you spend any time in the outdoors, then focus and read this article. Eno Hammocks have solved you outdoor relaxation and sleeping issues.

Starting with the quality of materials, Eno Hammocks uses an incredibly strong woven nylon that allows the material to breath. Having breathable material allows you to stay cool in the heat and not be cold in the winter when you body moisture gets into the material.

Nylon is not a material that exudes confidence as a strong material that will hold the weight. I spent a weekend with my dog in the Utah winter/spring and he slept in the DoubleNest Hammock next to me, combined weight of 280 pounds. The DoubleNest Hammock does just what its name says; it’s built for two.


The material did not stretch or expand because of the woven nylon and the high grade interlock stitching. All of the Eno Hammocks have a triple stitch that is used at all of the sew points. I like that Eno Hammocks builds a product that as ruggedly tough as the environment I use them in.

If you backpack as I did for the weekend the Eno Hammock set up is for you. Anyone that is worried about excessive weight to carry when spending time in the outdoors, I think you can manage 22 oz. of extra weight. The hammock stuffs into a small compression sack sewn right into the hammock so you never lose the sack and it allows you to clip or carry the hammock anywhere and you do not even notice the weight.

Living in Utah, we can use the Hammock in any conditions even the winter. Eno Hammocks builds extra products that wrap you in duck down to keep you warm from underneath and over the top as well as rain or bug fly. Rated down to 35 degrees, the Blaze or Ember Underquilt or the Ignitor Topquilt allow you to loss the weight and bulk of packing a sleeping bag and carry a combined weight around 70 oz.

Setting up the Eno Hammocks is quick and easy. The Atlas straps wrap around any sturdy object, pass the end through the loop and pull tight. The you attached the hammock via sewn in carabineers into the loops and your desired length then lay down and relax. Set up takes less than 1 minute until you are relaxing in comfort.

Besides napping in the front yard, the Eno Hammocks compact size and lightweight allows you to over night anywhere through any mode you get there. Our uses for the hammock overnight include: backpacking, stand up paddle touring, bike touring, kayak/canoe touring, snowmobiling, and more. The hammocks allow you to go anywhere and be covered when it comes to sleeping. What other uses do you think you would use them for?

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