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X Games Barcelona: BMX Vert


Photo Courtesy @jamiebestwick


Jamie Bestwick found himself in unfamiliar territory for a brief moment in BMX Vert, but he had enough in the end to ride a victory lap and celebrate 8 straight gold medals.

Bestwick found himself tied with Simon Tabron with each rider’s highest score after three runs a 91.00, but Bestwick was awarded gold after the highest and lowest scores from the three runs, were dropped in the tie breaker.

“I came here prepared,” said Bestwick in a post race interview. “I just had to believe in myself. During the competition I had some errors and I found myself doubting, but I dug deep and found it within myself. This is a great way to end the X Games BMX Vert season to go out with win number eight. The other day I bought a Barcelona shirt with my last name and the number 8 on the back. I wouldn’t wear it, but now I can.”

X Games Barcelona featured a new BMX Vert format where each rider is given three runs and each run counts. Previously a 15 minute jam session was used where the best two scores were kept, allowing riders to have more throw away runs and still compete for the gold. Under the new format, to be on the podium you needed to stomp each of your three runs to have a chance. The room for error was slim.

Silver medalist Simon Tabron landed not only one 900, but two during the finals. Vince Byron rounded out the podium with Bronze after landing the first ever Seatgrab 540 Indie on the Vert Ramp, a trick that Bryon invented himself.

There were several other first-ever tricks landed during the finals, including Chad Kagy’s first-ever Frontflip Flair who only started practicing it two weeks ago and barely missed a spot on the podium, and I feel was grossly underscored.

“I landed the tricks I wanted to safely and I am stoked,” said Kagy. “Im going to get to work on making them smoother and bigger for next time and hopefully it will land me on the podium in some events in the future.”

X Games Barcelona marked the end of the X Games BMX Vert Season, as it is not being held during the Munich or LA stops this year.

“It’s a shame that we are done with X Games for the year,” said Bestwick. “You all are missing out on the rest of the season. There are guys out there pushing vert to a new level and the momentum is on our side hard to see it stop for the X season.”




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