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X Games Munich: Skateboard Vert and Skate Park

After back to back Gold Medals in Brazil and Spain, Bucky Lasek needed run 4 of 4 to get back on top of the podium a place that is very familiar to him.

Lasek narrowly beat out PLG by scoring a 90.00 on his very last run stomping tricks that had Tony Hawk jumping out of his announcers chair.

“My friends call me Ricky Bucky,” Lasek said. “It’s either first or lsat and today I went from last to first.”

With this gold medal in Munich, Bucky Lasek now holds the most gold medals in Skateboard Vert history with 7 Gold Medals.

“I just wanted to switch it up a bit on the run,” Lasek said. “I don’t like waiting till the last run, and everyone expects that I can do it but its not just that easy. Fortunately today was a day that I could do it.”

PLG got a silver after several fails in recent X Games stops.

In other skateboarding news, Pedro Barros was knocked off the top of the podium after Curren Caples won his first gold medal ever in X Games.

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