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X Games Munich Day 2: All Moto

I refuse to congratulate or even acknowledge the Best Whip competition now. The results and the competition are more show than anything else and not an actual contest. Until the voting is taken out of the hands of fans where the voting is stuffed and rigged and given to actual judges, we will never actually have a true Best Whip Champion. Until then enjoy the exhibition but stop voting, hopefully ESPN and X Games will get the message.

When it comes to Moto X Step Up there are two names that are synonymous with that competition; Matt Buyten and Ronnie Renner. However, it seems that dirt from around the world makes them normal and pedestrian. It was just under a year ago that the two were jumping 47 feet inside Staples Center in Los Angeles. In 2013 it is nothing short of an impossible challenge to pass 30 feet with the bar. I am no dirt expert, but one can clearly see that the dirt is wet and soft and doesn’t hold up like the dirt used in Los Angeles.

That being said, the first Non-American won the Step Up contest Friday night in Step Up. Libor Podmol out jumped Ronnie Renner to take home the Gold.

“To get to X Games was my dream,” Podmol said. “So to get here and go home with a gold, ahhhh! I knew how high the bar was, but I was confident that I could make it and take it. I just have a passion for riding dirt bikes, the Moto X life is a good life.”

In the final event of the night, Mike Mason kept his momentum going in Moto X Speed and Style as he took home his third straight gold medal in the event.

“3 down, 1 to go!” said Mason via Twitter as he looks to sweep the event in all four summer X Games stops.

Mason dominated the Moto X Speed & Style finals, going head-to-head with Javier Villegas beating him in both speed and style categories for a score of 96.66.

“There is always a moment of doubt on a track like this, but I have been working really hard since Barcelona and I came here with the confidence to win,” Mason said. “Speed and Style is so much fun. We are all competitive about the competition but we are all friends and we have fun. I just stay focused on what I need to do, the lines I need to take and in the end it works out.”




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