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X Games Los Angeles Day 2: Moto X Step Up

Ronnie Renner only needed to jump 39.6 feet to claim the Gold in Moto X Step up at the X Games Los Angeles.

X Games LA Step Up 2012 witnessed height records shattered at Renner and Matt Buyten jumped well beyond the 45 foot mark.

“The ramp this year was more traditional and technical,” said Renner. “This take off was more of an old school legit so it didn’t blast us in the air like last year. I like the more technical track, turns the competition into an actual step up contest not just an all air contest.”

With the win, Renner now owns five gold medals in Step Up making him the most decorated Step Up rider.

“I have complete confidence in myself,” said Renner. “I am thrilled to win five golds, but it just continues to fuel me to become better. For me this 2013 X Games season has only been a 50% season. I know that I can improve and now I have even more fuel to do so.”

Matt Buyten, who is known for his Step Up skills and Libor Podmol, kept the pressure on Renner forcing the bar higher and higher each winning third and second respectively.

“For me this season has been amazing,” said Podmol. “To be able to ride like I have this season and to have the success I have had is such a great feeling.”



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