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X Games Los Angeles Day 3: BuckYEAH Summer X Sweep

Bucky “Classic” Lasek is 40 Years young and now the first holder of the Summer X Games 4-peat sweep.

After PLG wiped out on his final run, the 4-peat sweep was complete with Lasek claiming gold in Skateboard Vert for each of the four 2013 Summer X Games stop around the world.

“I am so happy I landed my first run,” said Lasek. “There was such a long delay in between each of my runs and it made for a long tough day.To open the season with a win and to close the season with the win makes for a fantastic moment to remember.”

In a time when the youth movement seems to be spreading into Skateboarding Vert, it was PLG and Andy MacDonald joining Bucky on the podium, a total of 113 years of combined age between them.

“It feels great to be back here on the podium,” said MacDonald. “It has taken me all season to get here on the podium. I just turned 40 years old like Bucky so watching him win four in a row gives fuels my hope that I can get the gold again as well. This bronze  makes 23 total X Games medals I have earned in my career here and I still feel great and ready to win more.”


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