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STM Bags – For Your Digital Environment

The digital world we live in is evolving daily, with STM Bags, you can now carry all of your devices with ease in one bag.

STM Bags_Impulse1

The STM Impulse is a tri-use bag. The Impulse is designed to safely carry a laptop and a tablet in the same compartment with two separate pockets. Both pockets are lined with protective padding and cloth material that will not scratch the device.

The Impulse comes in different bag sizes depending on which laptop size you have so your laptop fits securely in the space to protect it.

The rest of the bag features three front storage pockets for everything else you need. I used the bottom pouch to carry camera equipment used at T Squared Action Sports. The bottom pocket can fit the body and one large lens or the body and two smaller lenses. The design of the pocket allows for easy access to whatever you have in there.



The bag manufacturing allows for rough use in the outdoor elements. The bag is not waterproof but the material is water resistant. The material is rip proof and can take a decent beating. There is also a reflective tag on the bag that will help make you visible in low light or no light as seen in the photo above.

To test the durability of the two bags they were thrown into the ground while riding dirt bikes at 30 mph to simulate a fall. The bag did not rip and was easy to clean.

The final feature of the bag is the padding design on the back that allows for comfort on the back with the padding that feature moisture wicking properties and deep venting chambers to help keep the bag cool on your back.

STM Bags_Impulse2


The second bag that we tested was the laptop shoulder style bag the STM Velo 2.


Velo 2_1


The bag features all of the same material designs as the backpack for durability with a non-slip shoulder strap that can hold the weight of at least 180 pounds as tested by myself hanging from the straps.




The laptop sleeve is accessible from a side pocket in the back of the pack with multiple storage compartments in the front.

These are great bags and offer a lot of options for your ever-changing digital world.

Whether you are a student, business professional or world traveler, STM Bags offer the perfect laptop or backpack bag carrying solution for you.

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