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ATC Chameleon by Oregon Scientific


Point of View cameras have changed the way we see the world of extreme and action sports through the views of the athletes or how we see it through our own eyes.

Until now, all point of view cameras have been a singular lens that would require several takes to get all of the angles covered, until now.

Discovered at the Outdoor Retailers Show Summer Market 2013, was the Oregon Scientific ATC Chameleon a dual-lens action sport camera.

The ATC Chameleon has dual 170-degree lenses that allow for almost a full wide view of your surroundings.  The front lens adjusts 180 degrees horizontally while the rear lens is adjustable vertically the same degree.

The size of the camera was an initial concern, but as I continued to use the camera I did not notice the size. While using the camera on a long distance skateboard marathon down the California coastline, after the first five minutes the camera size was unnoticeable.

The camera is not very sensitive to temperature changes, which makes the camera versatile for a Utah environment where we experience the four seasons.

The camera was used in a room above 90 degrees and in a cold environment below 32 degrees to see if the video quality would slow down or fade and the camera performed in both environments fine.

The camera is fairly shock resistant as well. To simulate a fall, the camera was dropped from a 6-foot platform to the ground replicating a standard 6-foot tall person. The camera housing is resilient and did not scratch or break and the video did not skip upon impact.

For a first generation dual-lens camera the possibilities for the videos you can shoot are endless and allow for more footage to be captured in less time, however you have to be constantly aware of how the camera is mounted and to what.

There is no software for the ATC Chameleon to edit the videos. A user can offload the videos and change the video to show the different dual angles but you cannot adjust them to edit the video.

If a user wants to edit the video to display both angles then to only display one angle or rotate one of the angles if it was shot upside down its not possible.

Overall this camera is great. If the software functioned at a level of the camera then this would be a one of a kind revolutionary piece of technology but for a first generation camera this is a great item to allow for everyone to see what you see as you ride.

You can purchase the camera and read more about the technical specs here.

B4BC_Skate the Coast-154

Tyler Tate with the ATC Chameleon

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 1.05.16 PM

View from the 170 Degree Lens

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