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Holtanna 2.0 by Adidas Outdoor

Holtanna 2.0


Snow boots have a stereotype: large, bulky and heavy.

Adidas Outdoor has released for Fall 2013 the Holtanna 2.0, a snow boot that defies the stereotypes.

Weight: The Holtanna 2.0 weighs less than 2 pounds as a pair.

The benefit of a light pair of boots allows you to comfortably change from the ski or the snowboard boot into another snow boot for the duration of your day in the snow.

The inside of the boot is shaped to maximize compression around the foot and ankle to generate maximum blood flow for foot warmth and foot recovery.

The theory and design of compression footwear, is meant to not only keep the foot warmer, but it reduces the time needed for the foot or leg to recover from a day on the slopes.

The Holtanna 2.0 was tested against a standard snow boot for foot recovery time after three hours walking around in a ski boot.

Recovery time for the foot in a standard snow boot = thirty minutes.
Recovery time for the foot in the Holtanna 2.0 boot = thirteen minutes.

This test was run four different times and the time durations above reflect the average time of foot recovery. The Holtanna 2.0 allowed for foot recovery in significantly less time than the standard snow boot.

Shape: The Holtanna 2.0 wears like a shoe. Thick socks are no longer needed to fill the bulky extra space that standard snow boots are known for. As discussed above the boot shape and design is snug around the foot allowing for compression and warmth for your foot.

Grip: Adidas Outdoor uses their patented Traxion rubber sole. A unique pattern on the sole is used for grip in snowy and icy conditions.

Yellow rubber tabs are placed all throughout the sole that extend further than the other rubber of the sole and harden when the sole is exposed to frozen conditions allowing for extra grip. The rest of the rubber sole remains soft and pliable allowing your foot the flexibility it needs to function in the snow environments.

We tested the Holtanna 2.0’s flexibility and grip by placing the boot in an ice bin to force the rubber to freeze. The yellow tabs remained firm while the rest of the sole remained flexible.

Warmth: The inner part of the Holtanna 2.0 is lined with Primaloft Eco Footwear. The Primoloft Eco Footwear lining dries fast while also being water resistant. The lining retained warmth even while being wet making them quite thermally efficient.

Another feature of the Primaloft Eco Footwear is also 50% recyclable.

The Holtanna II is a top of the line snow boot and can be found through Adidas Outdoors here.

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