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Winter Apparel by Woods Canada Arctic Brand

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Unless you live in the tropics, many of you will experience a cold winter in your lifetime.

Here in Utah and other regions around the world, winter is a season and not just a brief experience.

Throughout the winter season, many regions experience a weather pattern bringing Arctic Air to your region. By definition Arctic Air is an air mass that develops around the Arctic, and is characterized by being cold from surface to great heights.

When the Arctic Air mass brings the freezing temperatures to your region, Woods Canada Arctic Brand apparel offers clothing to combat Mother Nature.

Woods Canada Arctic Brand Pipeline Coverall








For the past month, I spend every morning at work in the Pipeline Coverall till midday when the temperatures reach the teens. The Pipeline Coverall has Premium 650 Power Down Fill through the entire suit and even the hood. The Pipeline Coverall was used in temperatures down to -10 degrees in these temperatures just jeans and a t-shirt was worn under the suit, this was enough to stay warm.

Simple features of the Pipeline Coverall make the suit incredibly functional when your hands are covered in gloves. The zippers are large which allow for use even when snow and ice are in the zipper line. The zippers are all two-way openings allowing for access to every region of the body without having the remove the suit.

The suit is nylon with windproof and waterproof properties in the material.

In Utah, the region the suit was tested in is known for high winds often exceeding 80 miles per hour bringing the arctic air to the area. In these winds the suit was worn with shorts and a t-shirt underneath, there was no need to add additional layers.

The Pipeline Coverall also makes for a great snowmobile suit. The technical features that keep the wind and snow out make this suit invaluable on the sled. The heavy elastic ribbing around the wrist and the Velcro storm cuffs in the legs keep you dry and the material and down keep you warm will the win and snow pile up around the sled. Another feature of the nylon used in the Pipeline Coverall is how fast the material dries out. On a weekend snowmobile trip the Pipeline Coverall was hung to dry overnight in the tent in cold temperatures and in the morning the suit was dry and ready for use.




Amundsen Bomber








If one-piece coveralls aren’t an option for you, the Amundsen Bomber is your next option. All technical features found in the Pipeline Coverall can be found in the Amundsen Bomber jacket.

Heavy elastic ribbing can be found at the cuffs and the hem keeping the snow and the wind out.

The Amundsen Bomber’s hood is lined with coyote fur and when zipped completely up the fur warms the face and keeps the wind out.

While in the arctic winds, my face was tested for surface temperature. With the hood off my surface temperature on the face was 39 degrees. With the hood closed fully and fur surrounding the face, two minutes into hood closure the surface temperature on my face was up to 50 degrees and normal body temperature in less than eight minutes.



The Mackinaw








The Mackinaw is the casual everyday outer layer that can be used with jeans or dress pants. The 50/50 Poly/Wool blend keeps the warmth in and the wind reduced.

The Mackinaw serves as a functional outer layer with hood, but the design of the coat can be adjusted and used as a dress coat to pair with a suit and tie.

I have found the material and the quality of construction of the apparel by Woods Canada Arctic Brand to be top of the line. Through intense windstorms, working in the cold weather, snowmobile and snowshoe trips and dressing up in a suit and tie, you can find what you need to stay warm with apparel from Woods Canada Arctic Brand, we did.

Woods Canada Arctic Brand apparel can be found here.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the above listed products for free from Woods Canada Artic Brand Company in consideration for review publication.

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