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Syck Trix: An evolution of board performance


Photo: Syck Trix

Are gas prices getting too high and you’re considering a skateboard for quick easy transportation around town? But you’re worried you’ll look silly because you can’t balance on the board?

Are you a parent with a child who is trying to learn new tricks constantly putting on bandages from scrapes and bruises and wish there was an easier way to learn?

Are you already a skater but would like to increase your core power and get into better shape?

Syck Trix out of San Clemente, California have developed a patented new simple solution to all of the above problems or questions.

Syck Trix has taken a standard skateboard and placed highly durable inflatable rubber tubes within a fabric material allowing you to learn to Ollie the board, learn proper balance and give you an added dimension to your workout increasing core balance and strength.

The board is designed to teach a new skater how to pop, shove, flip or Ollie the board while being able to learn from within the home where the falls do not hurt as much. The board is a traditional board so you will get the natural feel of where you need to place your foot on the board for the eventual time when you transition back to a board with wheels. The rubber tubing system attached underneath allow for the body to learn how to release the board from the ground and gives you a softer landing so your legs can adjust to how they need to compact to absorb the impact.


The system is very well designed and so simple, giving you dimensions needed to learn easily, but not so complex that you lose the core focus on how the trick feels on a board with wheels.

The rubber tubing used is a high grade A rated rubber tube generally used in inflatable tires. Do not worry about popping the tube it can support the weight. We tested the strength of the tube under 280 pounds per square inch, and just under the weight the tubes did not pop. When you begin to jump and land on the board you increase the pressure on the tube by 4x the weight making the tube support 1120 pounds per square inch. It is here that you run the risk of having the tube pop.


If the tube does pop, they are easy to remove to add a traditional rubber patch onto, with a small pump of air and you can resume using as before

The material housing for the tube is a nylon stretchable-based material that is rip resistant but not tear resistant. The Syck Trix board is designed for indoor use where sharp objects that can tear or puncture the system are not as prevalent. The material is removable for washing, but wash on cold in a delicate cycle. The Velcro in the material that attaches itself to the board will lose its hold if washed on hot. Air-dry the material only after washing.

If you are looking to add a new dimension to your workout, whether you are a skier, snowboarder, surfer or any other board sport, the Syck Trix board will give you the next level work out you need.


By standing on the board to do the squats, presses, and agility moves, you will increase you standard balance but also strengthen the core muscles.

This is a great product with multiple uses for all ages. You can purchase your Syck Trix board here.




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