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Optic Nerve Boreas Inversion goggle review

Unless you live or are from the East Coast, where it is popular to wear sunglasses over your eyes and goggles on your forehead providing maximum sun protection for your knit beanie, a good pair of goggles can make the difference during your day on the slopes.

Introducing the Optic Nerve Boreas Inversion goggle.

Boreas_Inversion Topaz Black

Optic Nerve Boreas Inversion Topaz Black Photo: Optic Nerve


The key feature of the Boreas Inversion goggle is the spherical lens that increases the peripheral vision of the goggle allowing increased on hill viability reducing the traditional goggle blind spot you can experience with other goggles.

A peripheral sight measurement was used, and when measured against other goggles, the Boreas Inversion goggle increases the peripheral vision by 8 degrees. While that number may seem low, 8 degrees is the equivalent of 4.6 inches, giving you an 8-inch increase of on hill visibility.

Increased visibility = increased safety.


Tyler Tate, Boreas Inversion goggle testing, Canyons Ski Resort Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

The Boreas Inversion goggle is built with triple density foam, designed for maximum fit and comfort, but it also serves as weather protection. The density of the foam provides a water resistant layer around the face, while providing breathability to prevent the goggle from fogging up.

We tested the Boreas Inversion goggle for its breathability and potential to fog up by using a spray bottle to mist the face and goggle to simulate rain and wet snow conditions. The lens did not fog and the triple density foam provided a water resistant layer than kept the moisture out.

Another feature of the Boreas Inversion goggle is the double polycarbonate lens that reduces fogging and impact resistance.

After a Utah snowstorm most resorts have in resort backcountry style areas that will give you the feeling of backcountry skiing, but with that comes the factor of tree branches. The Boreas Inversion goggles do not feature a full plastic frame around the lens, they feature two outer lens frame pieces that serve as the base point for the strap, but they also provide protection of the goggles from branches as you ride through the trees.

The strap features three silicon bands that prevent the strap from slipping.

The final feature of the goggle is the ease to change the lenses. After lifting two tabs the lens pop out and can be changed out.

The Optic Nerve Boreas Inversion goggle deserves a top ranking. With its features of extended peripheral vision and dual lens construction, this is a top tier goggle and can be found through Optic Nerve.

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