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Outdoor Retailers Summer Market: Day 1Highlights

With the Outdoor Retailers Summer Market back in Utah for another show, T Squared Action Sports is here to give you the behind the scenes coverage of what is new for Spring/Summer 2015 as we walk the floor of the market.


The Freewater collection has definitely grown in the past few years, but they have a very specific line due to the company watching sales and their analyzing their buyers then realizing very core specific styles that fit who their buyers are. “We like to have a fresh and clean look to all of our products that fit what our consumers want to wear,” said John Vance CEO of Freewaters.

While their shoes and sandals are durable and well constructed, they are incredibly light. In a new ad in Surfer Magazine, an image of a pair of Freewater shoes are shown on a scale with only one Vans shoe on the other side of the scale with the one Van shoe weighing more than the pair of Freewaters shoes.

Freewaters also focuses on their own Clean Water Initiatives building clean water wells  in 3rd World countries. With five wells currently under construction, Freewaters and their Clean Water Initiative will have 20 operational wells by the beginning of 2015.


John Vance CEO Freewaters, Outdoor Retailers Sumer Market Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

Adidas Outdoor

Adidas Outdoor is focused in on lifestyle apparel for Spring/Summer 2015 creating a line of jackets, pants, shirts and shoes for the active person in all conditions Mother Nature can provide. The main new addition to their line up was apparel with the fewest seems possible to reduce the areas of clothing that can create friction on the body. With quality apparel engineering like that, you can maximize your day in the outdoors without feeling it later.

Adidas Outdoor

Canada Goose

Canada Goose took the next step into the outer shell market, as they have revamped their line from last year making the shel lighter, tighter stitching and bright vibrant colors. All of the Canada Goose outer shell jackets are constructed to form around the body to reduce the amount of resistance while being active in their apparel.


Dry Case

Have you ever swam laps in the morning and wished you could have the audio tunes that you run to? With the Dry Case arm band and the over the ear headphones now you can. With completely submersible headphones and a case that keeps your phone sealed tight, you can now take your tunes into the water. Whether you are swimming laps, surfing, wake boarding or taking a nice paddle around the lake, keep your gear safe with Dry Case.



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