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Pelican Products for the Action Sports Community

Pelican Products has officially made their move into the extreme action/outdoors sports market by creating products that protect your electronic gear, vital to showcasing the action/outdoors sports community with the Pelican Urban Elite Half Case Camera Pack and the Vault case for the iPad.


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The Pelican Urban Elite Half Case Camera Pack features a built-in waterproof and crushproof hard case that will accommodate a DSLR with an attached lens, another lens, and a flash in dedicated sections made of removable, padded, touch-fastened dividers. If you pack smartly, you can snuggly fit 2 DSLR bodies, three lenses and a flash, allowing you to pack for a full day.

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The crushproof hard box was tested under the weight of five different males each taking their turn standing on the hard case for 5 minutes while standing and jumping on the hard case. The combined weight of the five males topped 1000 pounds and the case held firm while the camera gear was undisturbed in the interior.

The interior of the hard case is soft creating a scratchproof interior that keeps your gear protected against rough movements and falls one could experience while skiing, riding motorcycles or skateboarding.

The interior also dries quickly if you happen to leave the watertight zippers open and the interior becomes wet. In standard room temperature the interior lining was dry enough to not risk damaging the camera gear in 11 minutes.


Above the hard case is a storage compartment that has a dedicated tablet pocket with a touch-fastened security strap. A rigid front plate offers impact protection to this top storage compartment, which features a front-access, zippered closure.

There is an ergonomic aluminum S-curved spine along the back of the pack for comfortable shoulder and lumbar support. Adjustable load-lifting straps tighten the pack so weight is distributed more evenly across your shoulders when carrying it. The Half Case pack can be carried using the padded backpack straps or the rigid carry handle. We found that when carrying a heavier pack or a tripod on the side of the pack, you need to use the chest clip and waist belt for the best bag stability.

The channeled back panel design allows for good airflow between your back and the frame of the bag. This allowed for the surface temperature of the back to stay normal when wearing the bag. A laser temperature gun was used to measure the surface temperature of a person back while carrying the full bag on a 68-degree day and a 76-degree day. No noticeable rise in back temperature from having the heavy bag on the back was detected.

In outdoor environments where snow, rain and dust are common, the watertight zippers keep the water and dust out providing maximum gear protection.


The Pelican ProGear Vault case protects your iPad in a variety of ways. Closed, it prevents impact to the screen. Open, the Vault provides the freedom of cover-free use, an impact absorbing case and a protective seal against water and dust. By fully rotating the cover, the case provides multiple viewing angles to comfortably use your tablet on any surface.

Available for both the iPad Air and iPad mini, Pelican’s ProGear Vault case is a different take on heavy-duty protectors. It’s one of the few such cases with a folio rather than playthrough design, but can transform into the latter as needed. The ProGear Vault is a full conversion kit, requiring you to unscrew and rescrew the parts every time you want to install or remove your tablet. Once inside, the iPad is heavily protected, with military-grade drop protection (tested with a 20 foot drop from the roof), a dust and dirt seal, and protection from momentary liquid immersion like dropping it in the snow.


Inside ProGear Vault, the iPad is protected by sturdy materials that should help prevent significant damage, including rubber lining the inside. Not only is the body of the device covered, but so are the ports, buttons, bezel, and even the rear camera. Starting at the top edge, there’s a rubber protector for the headphone port, special grates over the microphones, and a hard plastic protector for the Sleep/Wake button. This button becomes hard to press on the larger case, but it’s just about right on the mini. Then, there’s glass over the rear camera, a flip open side switch protector, and a segment of rubber that effectively transplants the volume buttons to the back of the case, where they remain responsive. On the outer edges, there’s one more port protector for the Lightning port, and a grating over the speakers. All in all, ProGear Vault offers a high level of body protection.

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