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Davis and Moore are Golden at X Games Aspen 2015

Danny Davis, Men's Snowboard Superpipe, X Games Aspen 2015


Danny Davis (USA), Men’s Snowboard Superpipe; X Games Aspen 2015; Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

In front of 13,600 people, the largest opening night crowd in X Games history, Danny Davis returned to the top of the podium in Men’s Snowboard Superpipe at X Games Aspen 2015.

After winning the gold last year, Davis commented that the win was bittersweet because while winning the gold was great, it just wasn’t as good since Shaun White was not in the competition.

This time around White was in the finals, seeded second overall behind Davis.

“X Games is such a different competition, a whole different level of competition,” said Davis. “You’re competing again the best in the world, there are fans lined up all down the pipe and you look down at the bottom of the pipe and it’s a sea of people all screaming for you. As a rider you can feel their energy at the top and you can hear them and you go out to put down the best run you can. I was fortunate enough to come out on top tonight. I felt earlier this week that everything was falling into place and I had a good feeling going into the competition tonight that I could defend my gold medal.”

Sochi Winter Olympic Gold medalist in the men’s snowboard halfpipe, Iouri Podladtchikov battled through an injured ankle to come into third with Taku Hiraoka in second.

‘To be able to compete here at the X Games in a non-Olympic year is always a little more fun because there is less pressure on you,” said Podladtchikov. “As a rider you want to be able to push yourself in the sport. If the competition is just a competition and not a qualification for something more, you feel more free and you can ride for fun and express yourself through the competition.”

Colten Moore and Joe Parsons, Snowmobile Speed and Style, Gold M

Colten Moore (right)  and Joe Parsons (left), Snowmobile Speed and Style; Gold Medal Match; X Games Aspen 2015; Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports 

After winning the gold medal in Snowmobile Freestyle last year, Colten Moore returned to X Games in Snowmobile Speed and Style, where his style was the determining score that earned him the gold in the final race against Joe Parsons.

“It’s so unreal when you win,” said Moore. “You are really excited, but in your mind, you say to yourself, ‘did that really happen?’ To be out here in a race against guys that are super fast, I am super pumped to be able to win this event. This year, I trained to go fast, but I definitely can’t keep up with these guys, but I make up for it with my tricks. I knew I had to throw down big tricks in the air to keep up with them on the ground.”

In 2013, Moore’s brother crashed during competition at the X Games and later passed away.

“Each time I ride, I feel like I have Caleb riding with me,” said Moore. “He is such an important person in my life and I am who I am today because of his influence.”

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