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Blind Repeats as Dew Tour Team Challenge Winners

TJ Rogers (left), Micky Papa (center-left), Erick Winkowski (center-right) and Yuto Horigome (right); Team Challenge Segment Winners; Dew Tour; Long Beach, California; June 15-18, 2017; Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

Nine teams, four skaters per team, four contests…one winner.

For the second straight year, Team Blind stood on top of the podium with the overall Team Challenge Win aided by three of their four team members winning the overall in each of their individual events.

Combined scores from the Tech, Rail, Bowl and Gap courses, Team Blind came close to winning by 30 points.

Team members TJ Rogers, Micky Papa, and Yuto Horigome all won their respective disciplines while Trey Wood placed third in his.

“We not be fancy, but we can sure skate,” said Bill Weiss, Team Manager for Blind Skateboards. “We have a strong crew of riders that are not flashy but are some of the best technical riders out there. We felt confident coming into the contest and in the end even before the scores were official we knew we had the win.”

Team Blind skaters TJ Rogers and Micky Papa discuss the contest.

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